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Logorama movie

Here’s another very nice 3D movie I found on the net :


But I must warn you, there might be some hidden publicity in the movie…

Order tracking @ foto.com

I just ordered a photobook at foto.com (Belgium), and I was pleasantly surprised with the order tracking page :

I’m just disappointed they don’t show the names of the people working on my product, so I can send them a thank-you-note ;-)

3D video : the third and the seventh

I just discovered this video that was created entirely in 3D. I am amazed by the realism (check out the second part of the video where the plants and trees are rendered…)


Enjoy !

Removing a dead pixel on a Macbook Pro

I just discovered a dead pixel on my brand-new MBPro. After a google search and finding this site : http://www.macinstruct.com/node/52, i decided to just slightly press the screen with my finger and guess what… the dead pixel is fixed!

There’s a technician in every one of us ;-) (Either that, or it was just some dust sitting on my screen…)

The life of a weird little creature…

I just found a series of pictures of a weird ‘creature’ posing in different situations. I can’t explain, but I feel he’s already part of my life :-)

Take a look at http://fiveprime.org/hivemind/User/Bunnyrel to see what I mean…

iPod not responding

Well, my dear old iPod stopped responding again… After plugging it into the laptop, nothing happens and the iPod refuses to do anything. So I looked up this problem and found a little trick for resetting the iPod : hold the menu button and the center button at the same time, until the apple logo apears. Maybe not very spectacular but very handy!