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Deleting a lot of files (large directory) on linux

While looking for the best option for deleting a LOT of files inside & directory, I came across an interesting blogpost about this subject :


Setting up public key authentication over SSH

I just found a very clear example of creating a public key for ssh access, so check it out if you need to do this yourself :

Setting up public key authentication over SSH – Pete Freitag’s ColdFusion, Java and Web Development Blog

(PS : this works on os-x as well :-) )

Running crontab as root

If you want to run some script as the root user using crontab, make sure you sudo as root before you modify the crontab entries :

$ sudo -i
[sudo] password for xxx :
(enter your password)

$ crontab -e

The sudo -i command will change your current user to root, so crontab -e will automatically use the cron file of the root user.