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320 and Up – Design boilerplate

A very nice example of a mobile-friendly website : Resize your browser window to see the effect. This site includes boilerplate as well, so it should get you started pretty quickly.

Setting up public key authentication over SSH

I just found a very clear example of creating a public key for ssh access, so check it out if you need to do this yourself :

Setting up public key authentication over SSH – Pete Freitag’s ColdFusion, Java and Web Development Blog

(PS : this works on os-x as well :-) )

Logorama movie

Here’s another very nice 3D movie I found on the net :

But I must warn you, there might be some hidden publicity in the movie…

3D video : the third and the seventh

I just discovered this video that was created entirely in 3D. I am amazed by the realism (check out the second part of the video where the plants and trees are rendered…)

Enjoy ! blog about PHP and MySQL

For very specific and detailed info about PHP and MySQL related stuff, go to the Amazium blog. It is maintained by Jeroen Keppens (a former collegue of mine).

Online photography course

I found a website a while ago,, which is a great introduction to digital photography. It contains about the same material you find in most books about this subject, but the interactive demos give you better insight in the effect of different settings on your camera.